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NCCMP Program Launching at AIMS in collaboration with NSE on 27th of Jan-2012

CIT Program 2nd batch Started at ALLURI INSTITUTE in collaboration with IIIT Hyderabad on 1st of Oct-2012

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Management Faculty

Sl.No. Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification
1 Dr.Banda Prakash Director M.A.,Ph.D.
2 Dr.G.Sithamber Swamy Professor M.Com.,M.B.A.,Ph.D.(Mgt)
3 Mr.K.V.Sathya Prakash Professor M.B.A.,P.G.D.I.R.&P.M.,C.A.I.I.B.
4 Dr.Neela Ramulu Professor M.A., Ph.D.
5 Dr.C.Madan Mohan Professor M.Com.,Ph.D.
6 Dr.G.Vinoda Assoc.Prof. M.A.(Eco),Ph.D.
7 Mr.Y.Kishore Kumar Assoc.Prof. M.B.A.,M.A.(P.M.I.R.),UGC-NET,APSET,(Ph.D.)
8 Dr.B.Sreelatha Assoc.Prof. M.Com.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.
9 Mr.D.Srinivas Assoc.Prof. M.H.R.M.,M.Com.,C.I.C.,(Ph.D.)
10 Mr.G.Ravi Kumar Assoc.Prof. M.B.A.,M.F.T.,M.M.M.,(Ph.D.)
11 Dr.Ch.Rajanna Assoc.Prof. Ph.D.
12 Ms.P.Srilatha Asst. Prof. M.B.A.,M.Phil.,
13 Mr.Ch.Sudhir Asst. Prof. M.H.R.M.
14 Ms.O.Kavitha Asst. Prof. M.B.A.,(Ph.D.)
15 Mr.Shaik Masood Asst. Prof. M.B.A.,M.Phil.,
16 Mr.G.Vijay Kumar Asst. Prof. M.B.A.
17 Mr.Kodam.Sathish Babu Asst. Prof. M.B.A.
18 Ms.D.Sandya Rani Asst. Prof. M.B.A.
19 Ms.K.Swetha Asst. Prof. M.B.A.
20 Mr.Billa Raju Asst. Prof. M.B.A.
21 Ms.Beera Sravanthi Asst. Prof. M.B.A.
22 Mr.Pandugala Narender Asst. Prof. M.B.A.
23 Ms.V.Geethika Asst. Prof. M.B.A.
24 Ms.N.Sabitha Devi Asst. Prof. M.Com.,M.B.A.
25 Mr.Puli Shivaji Asst. Prof. M.B.A.
26 Ms.Syeda Samrana Asst. Prof. M.B.A.
27 Ms.K.Vijayakumari Asst. Prof. M.B.A.
28 Ms.K.Prashanthi Asst. Prof. M.B.A.
29 Ms.D.Chaithanya Asst. Prof. M.B.A.
30 Ms.Palakurthy Pragathi Asst. Prof. M.B.A.
31 Mr.Mohd. Mujahid Ali Asst. Prof. M.Com.,M.B.A.,M.Phil.,(Ph.D.)
32 Ms.Medari Navatha Asst. Prof. M.B.A.